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Advances in technology today and internet access that is increasingly easy to reach make all current affairs feel light. For example, when it comes to work, professionals don’t need to come to the office to attend meetings. 

Meetings no longer have to be held in one place and attended by a number of participants. Through the current application, meetings can be held with the help of applications that can be used like meeting physically. What applications can be used for meetings when working from home or working from home? Here are the details:


This is an application that is quite popular nowadays used by professionals who want to conduct a number of meetings in various places. This application is able to connect up to 100 people in one meeting. 

If you are interested in using it, you only need to install the free application Zoom, then invite some people who want to join. Here are a number of facilities available in the Zoom application: can share photos from the web, Google Drive, Dropbox, and File Box, able to send text in groups, images, and audio from mobile and desktop. Plus is equipped with a safe mode while driving. 


Working on the road or being in other parts of the world, is not impossible nowadays. There are important meetings or meetings that can still be held even if we are in another country. As long as we are connected to the internet that has high speed.

One of the GoToMeeting mobile applications provides users with easy accessibility for those who will have important business meetings, casual discussions, and discuss agreements between several parties. GoToMeeting is a free meeting app, so you can download it freely.

The GoToMeeting application is currently only available on Android. Using this application is not difficult you know, we just need to sync the calendar with our mobile device to join the meeting. With just one tap. 

Google Hangouts Meet

Don’t want to bother signing up for new apps and want to connect directly to our Google account, then you can use Google Hangouts Meet. You can install it from Playstore on Android or iPhone. This application can be attended by up to 250 participants by inviting participants with one click.

Furthermore, the admin of Google Hangouts Meet is very easy to invite participants in a video call by simply sharing the link that has been created. Don’t worry if our colleagues, clients, or interlocutors already have this account or have logged incorrectly. Because it will automatically join if you are willing and click ‘Ready to join’.

Anyway, this app is fully integrated with G Suite so we can join ongoing meetings with the calendar or via email. So, all important event details will be available when needed even if we use a computer or mobile phone.  


To make a video call, you just need to click on the video image. Then you can see your interlocutor who is located anywhere. 

Unfortunately, this application is only for four people. So it’s very micro and not intended for many people to use it. In addition, the small meeting can only be done on one call. 

ISL Group 

You can communicate with other meeting participants face to face by video conference or live chat. In addition, this application allows us to share slides, images on the screen.

Well, those are 5 choices of Virtual meeting applications that can make it easier for you to communicate during WFH. Make sure your internet connection is smooth, yes.