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Why do users choose to change their internet provider?

7 de noviembre de 2021

Currently having a good internet connection, both for our computer and on our mobile, is practically a basic need. And this very need has created a great demand for quality services in the market, giving way to a large number of internet service providers.

Therefore, if the service companies do not meet the expectations of their users with respect to the service, they have the possibility of changing companies and trying new types of connection or new plans, such as those that integrate different services, such as fiber optics or network. ADSL plus a mobile network service. For example, if a user has two different providers, one for the mobile and the other for the home connection, they could easily switch to a company with fiber and mobile, which will allow them to maintain greater control over their connection and their expenses.

Reasons to change your internet provider

However, since there is a great variety of proposals from Internet providers, and growing demand for better products and plans, it is normal for users to consider changing companies, looking for one that can more appropriately adapt to their needs.

Similarly, there are many factors that influence the decision to change companies, such as the following:

  • Unrealistic / unsatisfactory browsing speed: This is one of the main factors for switching companies, since upload and download speed is very important for certain activities on the web. Therefore, if the service you have does not really offer the connection speed offered, there is no greater reason to continue with the service. Here again, customer expectations come into play: promising a connection speed that is not really met afterwards is a basic reason for considering switching providers.
  • Connection drops and poor technical service:  Although annoying, an occasional connection drop can be understood, especially in cases where it can be affected by weather conditions. But if this becomes a constant situation, it can become more problematic. In addition, if the company does not offer an appropriate technical service to solve these types of problems, it is a loss factor for them.
  • Better prices: This aspect is also very important, because if we have two companies that offer a similar service, but at different prices, we will most likely opt for a cheaper option, as long as it maintains a quality standard. In this aspect, the reputation maintained by the brand also has a lot to do with it.
  • Availability and reference:  Finally, another aspect that users take into account when changing service providers is the availability in their area and the testimonies of acquaintances. Since the positive reference of an acquaintance implies greater security about the operation of the service.

Why switch to a fiber and mobile company

We have already seen some of the main reasons for a user to switch to another service provider company. Similarly, there are other aspects that can be taken into account, such as the quality and variety of the plans offered by the competition, either because of how extensive they are or because they provide precisely the necessary service, without added values ​​that do not interest the company. customer.

Offering integrated navigation plans, such as the fiber optic service plus the mobile one, is important to attract the customer’s attention, and thus offers a series of advantages when it comes to enjoying the service, which makes it a much more attractive option. . Optical fiber is one of the most demanded types of connection worldwide, in addition to being also one of the most stable, which offers a certain guarantee when hiring the service. Plans that combine fiber and mobile are usually a very attractive solution for customers, due to the savings they pose and the convenience of only having to contract with a single company.

An example of this is Simyo, one of the main options when switching to a company with fiber and mobile, which offers an integrated fiber optic and mobile network plan for a monthly fee of 28.99 euros. It consists of a 100 Mbps fiber connection and a 14 GB mobile data network and unlimited calls. Something that separately would exceed a monthly fee of 30 euros, with the individual cost of the fiber 25.99 euros and the mobile network 10 euros.