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Tips for Choosing a Smartwatch That Fits Your Needs

7 de noviembre de 2021

Smartwatches have become a popular digital device today. If in the past, the clock just showed the time, now the clock has become like a personal note and digital smart assistant for the owner.

The multiple uses of smartwatches have attracted many buyers today. Its function that supports daily routines, from paying bills, personal records about fitness to being a notification tool is considered important. Well, for those of you who are planning to buy a smartwatch, here are tips for choosing a smartwatch that suits your needs. 


The size, design, and available colors are some of the considerations for choosing a smartwatch. Design is indeed the main determinant, buyers choose smartwatches. This is for the sake of supporting our appearance when using it. Although it has various functions, smartwatches are also made to support the appearance. Hence, the design and size are important for both the manufacturer and the buyer. 

A number of smartwatch series from Apple, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung Gear, and Fitbit usually produce watches whose designs are suitable for both men and women. Smartwatch designs also continue to evolve, if previously smartwatch manufacturers liked the box watch model, now the most preferred model is the one that stands out on the wrist. There is even a model that is smaller. Some manufacturers like to differentiate their products based on their female or male owners. 

Compatible with Mobile

One of the most influential factors in the decision to buy a smartwatch is connectivity with our smartphones. If holding a smartphone all the time feels heavy and inefficient, then we can replace it with a smartwatch. We can manage our smartwatch like a smartphone function, namely: accessing incoming calls, texts, emails, and applications.

Indeed, there are a number of smartwatches that do not have a compatibility function with smartwatches. It’s just that choosing a smartwatch that is compatible with smartphones is better. Lifespan advises, the decision to have such a smartwatch with our needs.

Smartwatch Capabilities

Before deciding to buy, keep this basic in mind. Whatever the price, the latest technology that is used if the smartwatch is not comfortable to use, then it is meaningless. So, make sure our smartwatch is comfortable to wear and the size is not too big. In addition, the function of the smartwatch must support daily activities. So, also pay attention to the battery life of the smartwatch, generally, the endurance can range from one day to several days, depending on the usage. 

Also, make sure the smartwatch that we choose is waterproof or not. This is because most smartwatches are not waterproof. This is because the technology in it does not allow it to be in the water. 

Connect Apps 

Some smartwatch applications allow a number of social media applications to support work. It’s just that you need to know, the application on a smartwatch is not the same as a smartphone. Although in principle a smartwatch is no different from a smartphone in terms of applications. 

For example, the Apple Watch currently has a list of the most widely available apps. There are approximately 3,500 options available ranging from: Instagram, to CNN which can be downloaded on Apple Watch. You can do everything from controlling your lights with the Philips Hue app. 


Currently, some of our electronic devices have used touch screens or voice controllers. Well, choosing a smartwatch is important to determine whether it is a touchscreen or a voice controller. If there are two types of abilities, of course, it will be very impressive.  

Most importantly, in choosing a smartwatch device, it must be navigable. Even so, smartwatches with physical buttons tend to be more affordable than touchscreens. Some people even prefer the classic look of a traditional watch. 

Those are tips on how to choose a smartwatch that suits your needs. Hopefully, it can help those of us who are planning to buy a smartwatch. Happy shopping.