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Tips for Choosing a Laptop for Graphic Designers

6 de noviembre de 2021

Choosing a laptop for a graphic designer is not as easy as finding a laptop for typing. A graphic designer is a profession that demands more detail than just graphic skills. Those details include laptop specifications that are suitable for graphic design.

Creativity accompanied by skills will better support the work of graphic designers is equipped with a capable laptop. In fact, not infrequently a graphic designer who has many ideas and can create works of art has difficulty making graphic designs due to unsupported equipment. If you are one of them, here are tips for choosing a laptop for graphic designers:


The most important thing is to set a budget or budget first. If you have an unlimited budget, it’s easy to choose a laptop for a graphic designer with the highest specifications. So first benchmark how much budget can be allocated to buy a laptop. Also, consider whether you want to buy in cash or installments. Who knows if you have a credit card that has a 0 percent installment program.


For smooth graphics performance, a large capacity RAM is required. Usually, a minimum of 16GB of RAM is required. If the budget is really tight, 8GB of RAM can still be taken. What is clear, 6GB RAM does not count if you want to choose a laptop for a graphic designer that supports performance.

Hard Drive

Same with RAM, the bigger the hard drive capacity, the better the performance. The minimum capacity for graphic designers is 1 TB. But it should be supported by an external hard drive so that the storage is not easily full. In addition, you should choose the type of Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) because it is faster and more compatible with the latest software.


In this case, choosing a laptop for graphic designers is the same as choosing a laptop for other professions. Long battery life should be a priority. At least the battery can last 4-6 hours just in case when you have to work without an electrical connection.


A large screen or monitor size will greatly help the work of graphic designers. The recommended size is at least 16 inches. But if you do more activities outside, a smaller screen can be an option, at least 14 inches. Screen resolution should also be taken into consideration when choosing a laptop for graphic designers. Resolution with a high-density level will support design work, especially regarding color.


The processor is a very decisive factor in the work of graphic designers, especially when it comes to video. The latest processor release should be an option if the budget allows. The recommendation is an Intel Core i5 or i7. If you choose AMD, use the A10 or A8 series. Processor graphics are also important for smooth work. The choice is ATI Radeon, AMD FirePro, Nvidia Quadro, or Nvidia GeForce with at least 1 GB of memory.

Ease of Warranty

No one wants their laptop to be broken. But of course, there is a possibility that the laptop is damaged for whatever reason. If you have this, the warranty is very important. Currently, there are laptops that provide a warranty of more than one year. But don’t just rely on the warranty period. Also, consider the proximity of the service center location and the ease of service. Look for a laptop with the best seller service.

Those are a series of tips on choosing a laptop for graphic designers. Don’t forget to compare the selected laptop and the seller’s store both offline and online. It will be much more useful when you can choose a laptop for design at the lowest price after comparing it with the shops next door.