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Safe Tips for Online Transactions You Must Know

6 de noviembre de 2021

The rapid growth of internet users in Indonesia also has an impact on the shopping patterns made by the community. Initially, shopping through offline stores was very popular, now there has been a shift to online stores. Various advantages can be obtained when shopping online, besides being practical and time-saving because it can be done via a smartphone, it can also compare prices from many existing online stores without having to feel embarrassed going in and out of the store.

Online shopping means that payment transactions are made online as well, such as via internet banking, M Banking, or credit cards. In order to avoid fraud when making online transactions, you need to pay attention to the following tips to be safe when shopping online :

Be Careful Using the Internet

When making payments via internet banking or M Banking, try to use an internet connection and your own device at home or from a personal smartphone. Using computers and public internet connections is prone to the risk of misuse of data that we have by others such as password theft and others. 

Choosing a Trusted Online Store

The number of online stores circulating in cyberspace makes buyers have to be selective, to avoid sellers who are naughty and intend to deceive their buyers. Don’t just focus on cheap prices, but first, find out the reputation of the store through testimonials or recommendations from friends and family who have shopped at the store.

You can also visit a search engine to find out the online store. Usually, there will be a lot of important related information such as customer complaints to good testimonials from the store.

Pay attention to the URL of the online shopping site you visit, choose one that uses HTTPS, a protocol that can encrypt data so that activities on the site cannot be read by other parties and online shopping activities will be safe.

In addition to shopping through the online store site itself, you can also choose an online store that is incorporated in a trusted marketplace because here all payment transactions will go to a temporary shelter account first to avoid fraud. After the goods you buy are well received, then the marketplace will transfer the money to the seller. 

Check With Details Before Transaction

Before checking out in the shopping cart, first make sure the items you buy are appropriate because online shopping is not the same as offline shopping, which can see the physical goods directly. Pay attention to the product descriptions listed on online shopping sites, if something is unclear, you can chat with the seller.

Keep Proof of Payment Properly

After making a payment, save the proof of the transaction in the form of a payment receipt via ATM or internet banking by screenshotting the proof of payment. This is done just in case if there are obstacles such as payment is considered not to have arrived or the product sent is not in accordance with the order so you can make a complaint.

Although there are many conveniences and you can say it is safe to make transactions online, you also need to be aware of personal data. Use a password that is difficult to trace when entering the online store page and change it regularly to avoid unwanted things. Never give a password, pin, or OTP code ( One Time Password ) which is usually sent via SMS ( Short Message Service ) to anyone if you don’t want your account to be hijacked by irresponsible people.