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5 Dangers of Using Excessive Headsets That You Need to Beware of

7 de noviembre de 2021

Our daily activities related to hearing cannot be separated from the use of headsets. Even the headset has become a mandatory item that accompanies us at work or study, driving to spare time. 

Without us knowing it, we often use headsets for a very long time. It can even be used for hours. Of course, this is not good for our hearing health.  It’s good we start reducing the use of headsets every day. Because there are five dangers of using a headset that we need to be aware of. Here are the details. 

Ear infection

If the headset that we use is public property and is used by everyone, there is a chance that we will experience an ear infection. How did it happen? Because there are bacteria from the ears of different people transferred through the headset that we use.

Moreover, if the headset is rarely cleaned and not cared for, the chance of infection will be high for the wearer. We recommend that, before using a shared headset, be sure to clean it. Also, try to replace the pads on the headset regularly every six months. This is to reduce the risk of the spread of bacteria between users, plus ensure that the headset is still in a usable condition. 


Bluetooth headsets make it easier for us to listen to something. We do not need to bother connecting the headset with our devices. Unfortunately, unwittingly using a Bluetooth headset actually endangers our health.

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) admits to being uneasy with speculation about electronic goods that can affect public health. Especially the use of wireless technology that gives rise to microwave radiation.

Radiation exposure is believed to be related to existing diseases such as headaches, cancer, leukemia, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s to hair loss. Because radiation waves have been proven to affect biological changes in the body.

Negative Effects to the Brain

Headsets are said to be harmful to the brain because they produce some electromagnetic waves that are harmful to the brain. Although it must be admitted to date, there is no medical evidence to prove this theory. It’s just that the electromagnetic waves produced by the headset can cause problems for the brain as well in the long run.

High noise levels draw insulation from the nerve fibers that carry signals from the ear to the brain. This will make ear infections can also affect the brain. If this infection gets worse, it is feared that it will spread to other diseases.

Hearing Risk

Another risk of prolonged use of the headset is premature hearing loss. This risk, not only comes from damage to our headset but also affected by the telephone line we receive. The activity of listening to something that comes from electronic objects will cause damage to the inner ear. If not treated promptly, it can lead to hearing loss and other hearing-related health problems.

To avoid this risk, it is very important to check the volume level of the headset before putting it on. Don’t let the volume of your headset be too high, so you can’t hear people talking nearby.

Not focus 

Because we are so engrossed in listening to something through a headset, we often forget important things to do. Even often forget to do something because of using a headset during activities. Of course, this is detrimental to us, especially in doing tasks or work. 

If we do not focus on doing tasks and work because of listening to something from the headset, chances are we will be wrong or wrong in doing it. Of course this will have a bad influence on the achievements or values ​​that we want to bring good things. 

Well, you already know the dangers of using a headset excessively, right, from now on we should start reducing its use. If you already have pain in the rear area for the use of a headset, it is advisable to immediately check by a doctor yes!