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5 Android Apps That Can Make Your 2021 Resolutions Come True

7 de noviembre de 2021

Everyone’s New Year’s resolutions are different, but the point is that in this new year everyone wants to be more successful and healthy. Well, these five Android apps can help you realize that resolution.

In this day and age, technology has developed, Android applications are not only able to order motorcycle taxis, taxis, or food. Smartphone applications can also help you realize New Year’s resolutions, you know.

So how do the five android applications work? Each of these applications has a different function and way of working. Here’s the review. is a to-do list application that has a simple, clean, and uncomplicated design. By having this one application, you are the same as having a personal assistant to remind you of your daily tasks.

Especially for those of you who want to repent in matters of procrastinating work in 2021, then this application is the solution. In addition to being a reminder of your tasks every day, you can also send to-do lists to your friends.


Still maintaining an unhealthy lifestyle? Please change! He said he wanted to be better in 2021. The Halodoc application is not a new android application. This application makes it easy to consult a doctor anytime and anywhere, without having to meet. Consultation is via chat.

Halodoc is very useful as a preventive effort against all diseases. If you feel unwell, suddenly feel dizzy, or have a stomach ache when you finish doing an activity, just use this application for consultation with a doctor.

Will you be charged? Yes, some doctors have to pay. But sometimes there are also free ones. It should be noted, Halodoc also often holds promotions. When else can you get a free consultation with a doctor?


Let’s raise your hand, who aspires to lose weight in 2021? Just install this application. MyFitnessPal will be an application that will remind you if you are on a diet. Because this app has data on calorie information on millions of foods.

When one day you are invited to eat at a restaurant, you can check how many calories the food menu is in the restaurant. You can also be more careful in choosing the food.

Nike Training Club

Personal trainer services at the gym are expensive, you know. For example, in Bintaro, for eight sessions, you will be asked to pay Rp. 4 million. Not to mention having to pay a monthly fee as a gym member.

Instead of having to spend a lot of money for the ideal body, just install Nike Training Club on your cellphone. With this application, you can practice alone at home or in the office. The exercise movements and the order of the exercises are already in the application, you just have to follow them. Guaranteed to dry.


If your 2021 resolution is proficient in English, then Duolingo is the application that you must install. With this application, you can learn English for free!

You can also choose the level of difficulty in learning. If you are a beginner, you can learn from the beginning. However, if you have studied English before, Duolingo will test your skills through a test. It’s the same as the course, but the difference is through the application.

Interested to install all these android applications? Or just want to install a few applications because the memory capacity on the phone is running low?

But remember, you want to be as sophisticated as the application, but if you are just lazy in improving yourself in 2021, don’t be surprised if your efforts fail. These five applications function only as supporters, you know. The will to change is of course within you!